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Lets start at the top

Like most of our tours we start in Stornoway usually around 1000am just so you can have a leisurely breakfast to set you up for the day.

We begin our journey heading to the most northerly part of the Isle of Lewis and the Butt of Lewis lighthouse. The lighthouse was built in the 1860's and designed by David Stevenson. It would have had three keepers and their families who would have lived at the station at any one time. The views around the lighthouse are stunning with amazing rock formations and an abundance of bird life.

A lovely wee cove called Port Stoth is on our way back, the sheltered cove surrounded by an abundance of agricultural Lazy Beds

After exploring Stoth we turn the corner in to village of Eoropaidh or Europie and our next stop is Teampall Mholuaidh or St Moluags Church. This land the church sit on is believed to have been consecrated and a chapel built here in the 560s by St Moluag, who was a contemporary of St Columba. The present building is of unknown age, with estimates of its build date ranging from the 1100s to the 1500s. It has been suggested that the current church was built by the son of a Scandinavian king, who had converted to Christianity.

Next week we continue our tour staying in the Ness area.

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